Anna Belle Aerial


Currently, we are only operating in a limited capacity. Gym rentals, lasting 75 minutes with the last 10-15 minutes designated for cleaning/disinfecting the area, and private lessons! For group classes, all students must sign up for the entire session and only 1 person is allowed per apparatus, limiting enrollment to 3 people for aerial and 4 people for ground. In this fashion, we will be able to keep our community safe while keeping our workload manageable.

Silk Cleaning Fee

We are charging a monthly cleaning fee for our fabric apparatuses. This is the silks and sling classes. This fee will be applied for your first class in a 30 day period. This fee is applicable ON YOUR FIRST CLASS, regardless of being signed up for one or more than one class for that 30 day period.

What to Do on Arrival

When you arrive at Anna Belle Aerial, please remove your shoes, place your belongings in the cubbies along the wall, and go immediately to the bathroom to wash your hands for 30 seconds.

Once you have washed your hands, we will take your temperature. If you have a fever, you will not be allowed to remain. Your private lesson or gym credit will remain in your account for a future use. A group credit will be saved as a class credit for a future class.

Please, DO NOT touch anything you do not absolutely need to touch.

Warm Up and Train

Along the walls, we have posted a standard warm up routine as well as conditioning drills on different apparatuses. There are taped off areas of mats. The black carpet bonded foam is off limits (due to difficulty sanitizing it). There are arrows designating "walking only" areas of the gym. Each rig point is portioned off. Please select your rig point on arrival. You will notice a large square taped off next to the rig. Please keep your warm up and resting inside this square so it is easier to disinfect between students!

Next to each training station, you will find a table with hand sanitizer, tissue, some cleaning supplies and a trash bin. Use hand sanitizer frequently. If you touch your face or hair, please immediately wash your hands in the restroom.

Cleaning Up

When you are done training, there is bleach, vinegar, and disinfecting wipes and spray, along with paper towels and gloves, on a table by the office. We ask that you coat the mats in the bleach solution and allow to sit for about 10 minutes before wiping up. Your coach will take down the equipment you were using, and we ask that you clean lyras if you were using a lyra, or place any fabric/sling in the laundry basket next to the cleaning supplies.

Once you are finished training or with your class, please exit the space as quickly as possible.


We are following all scientific and medical advice and requiring mask use in our studio. We recognize it poses unique challenges and risks in the air. Please wear a mask until you absolutely need to remove it. If you need to remove your mask, please step outside to do so and immediately wash your hands on returning to class.

We have found that surgical masks are easier to wear for prolonged periods in the air, whereas fabric/homemade masks tend to be harder to breathe in once heart rate is elevated. Our studio is providing surgical masks! Simply ask your instructor for one.

We do not allow spectators for most classes, but if you are a parent of a student, anytime you are in the building you will be required to wear a mask. We appreciate your cooperation!


Please come prepared with as much water as you anticipate needing. Water bottles will not be allowed to be refilled. We do have single-use cups available at the water cooler. Use them once, DO NOT REFILL, and dispose of in the garbage next to the machine.

Access to rooms

The office, bathroom and main warehouse are all available to students. Students are not allowed past the bathroom! The lounge and yoga room are off limits.

What We Are Doing

After each student, we are disinfecting mats, opening doors to air out the space, and cleaning all light switches, doorknobs, counter tops, and faucets that would have been touched.

We are allowing a 30 minute not-in-use window for the space to aid in cleaning and sanitation.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are here for you.