Anna Belle Aerial

Anna Belle's circus skills include:

Anna Belle began her performance career as a juggler while in university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She quickly learned how to utilize her theater and music background alongside her object manipulation and clowning skills to create her first circus persona, Pixie. Pixie was a juggling, poi spinning, hula hooping trickster who loved telling stories and playing pranks. One day, her partner thrust a set of paint into her hands and told her she was needed for a face painting gig, which led down a rabbit hole of face and body painting madness that remains one her favorite art forms.

Eking out on her own, Anna Belle began directing her clowning towards a softer character, focused more on subtle surprises and dance than loud laughs. She aims to share a secret with her audience that leads them through a gambit of emotions and leaves them chuckling with curiosity. Her sense of magic, whimsy, and the quirky way she has of interacting with the young and old wins her a place in everyone's heart.

Past Performances: